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The Sierra Nevada Ally is our region’s new 501c3 nonprofit, digital news organization with 6 seasoned, experienced freelance journalists covering governance and public policy, the environment, education, the arts. 

We help you reach our engaged audience/demographic to produce the results you want.  

Sponsor us at a price you can afford –  $150/mo – no contract – invoiced monthly. 

Our Audience

  • Now running at 6,000 new users per week
  • At peak times, a new user every 2 seconds.
  • On track for a half a million users this year.
  • Our regular western audience includes NV, CA, UT, OR, WA, CO, NM, AZ.
  • We have regular readers in major cities: SF, DC, NYC, CHI, DAL/HOS, LV
  • We partner on both audio and online reporting with KUNR 88.7 FM, northern Nevada’s NPR public radio station.

Your visual ad will be a direct link to your website

  • You get a 400-pixel square ad that appears on our landing page. 
  • You also get a banner ad 1000 X 300 pixels in size within published reports.
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  • Artwork can include text, embedded video and/or audio.

We have full membership in INN (Institute for Nonprofit News), IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors), LION (Local Independent Online News), EWA (Education Writers Association), SEJ (Society for Environmental Journalists).

Our Sponsorship Acceptance Policy

  • We reserve the right to accept or decline any advertisement or sponsorship if we believe it is misleading, inaccurate, fraudulent or illegal
  • We will not accept any advertisement or sponsorship that fails to comply, in our sole discretion, with standards of decency, taste or dignity
  • We will reject any advertising and sponsorship content that blurs the clear separation between news and advertising content that in our view confuses the reader

To sponsor The Sierra Nevada Ally, please contact Joe McCarthy, development director, at 1200paydirt@gmail.com or 775.720.0331.