Brian Bahouth, our founder, senior editor and news director, has been a respected member of northern Nevada’s journalism community for 20 plus years. Brian’s skill set is rooted in investigative and public affairs reporting, content development, public news broadcasting, mobile reporting, and strong newsroom management. He possesses exceptional professional management skills and is truly effective as both a manager and an editor. He has the instincts and passion for investigative journalism, coupled with impeccable ethics.

In late 2018, Brian launched a new newsroom, Nevada Capital News (NCN), a social enterprise designed as a non-commercial, free-access-to-all, nonprofit news outlet.

Brian believed, rightly so, that under-served northern Nevadans deserved free access to the pressing local news of the day. He has been doing the daily grunt work, leveraging his experience and bootstrapping NCN’s collaborative newsroom while reporting stories daily on our site.

Brian’s core vision includes the on-going process of assembling a top-flight team of next-generation nonprofit journalists who use digital ecosystems to engage our readership with a wide range of viewpoints.

Essential to our vision, NCN will never have a paywall that prevents access to critical information for those who are unable to pay for it. We will always be open and fully accessible to all who are seeking a chance to understand, listen, tell inspiring stories and bear witness to the truth.

Our non-partisan, local news empowers a diverse, broad range of readers not otherwise engaged in the democratic process. The magic ingredients in our fight against disinformation are the reporting on critically important issues, filling the gaps in current coverage, and connecting meaningfully with readers.

We cover policy issues at the center of our civic life – education, environment, health, social upheaval, environmental degradation, social justice, and economic progress.

There is a reason for great optimism. The business of disseminating local news is being re-invented to put into place the building blocks of sustainable, nonprofit, non-partisan news gathering. Our communities’ quality of life depends on a robust free press and free speech. NCN is an integral part of this re-awakening including the shift to online and mobile in a fast-moving environment.

Good reporting is slow. Good stories unfold, require intense research, careful, inclusive, comprehensive reporting. Local news should not be mere snippets of news, verbatim recounters, and press releases. NCN provides the alternative, independent, long-form reporting on a myriad of complex issues that face us daily.

Our goal is to render the best possible public service by playing a connecting role in challenging our leaders and educating our citizens on environmental concerns, our energy future, our politics and northern Nevada’s robust arts and culture communities.

We provide a free-of-charge open forum for the expression of a broad range of views and commentary, where local residents can debate the issues in a civil manner. This is objective journalism with a public purpose.

Northern Nevada deserves a great open-access, nonprofit news entity, no different than other not-for-profit civic treasures such as our outstanding orchestras, our renowned modern art museum, world-class hospitals, and our superb university and research centers that are already serving our local communities with distinction. Each of these esteemed assets is supported by philanthropy.

Why not philanthropic support for first-rate, impartial journalism excelling in in-depth reporting on matters of public interest on key issues that impact Nevadan’s daily lives at a time when the press and facts are under constant attack?

Why not Nevada Capital News?  NCN is solidifying its place in the local media landscape as a valuable community asset and a public good. We run original source materials, investigative stories audio and video footage, available to everyone. We are committed to excellence as northern Nevada’s first nonprofit newsroom.

We are reaching out to our generous community of stakeholders – entrepreneurs, civic leaders, community foundations, the schools of journalism, editors, reporters – to collaborate with us to fund and grow this digital news venture. Every penny we raise will be dedicated to a model of excellence in the visionary production of objective journalism.

We do not align with corporate self-interests, political or special interests groups or funders that will taint NCN’s credibility or dictate coverage. We adhere to the strictest journalistic standards and ethics. Read our Funding and Gift Acceptance Policy here. Generally, we follow the guidelines set out by the Society of Professional Journals in its ethics code, as well as more general news practices outlined by the Associated Press.