Feral dogs in Lone Mountain Cemetery in Carson City, Nevada - photo: Carson City Sheriff's Office

Carson City, Nevada is known for deer that roam the city. They come down from the adjacent Tahoe Sierra and can be seen foraging in open spaces across the town of 50,000 residents, and over the last weekend, Carson Now reported that police responded to wild dogs attacking deer in Lone Mountain Cemetery, just a few blocks from downtown Carson City. 

According to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, with the help of the Nevada Humane Society and Washoe Tribal Police, they continue to search for three feral, roaming dogs.

The concern is that the dogs are believed to be un-owned and very minimally socialized, and large. According to a press release from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, the dogs are described as weighing between 60-80 pounds. One is brown. The other is tan with a black mask, and the third is black/brown with white on its face.

One of the deer reportedly died from injuries sustained during the dog attack. For Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong, capture of the dogs is a “top priority.” 

“These dogs present a significant public hazard,” said Sheriff Furlong in a press release. “While there are no reports of them attacking people, there is substantial concern that there is a risk to the public. Please do not attempt to engage or interact with these dogs.” 

Worth noting, this is a different dog pack from the one reported in Carson City last year but likely from similar origins, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Last year, residents reported sightings of four roaming dogs. Following a capture operation conducted in the fall of 2020, the Nevada Humane Society successfully apprehended the pack leader. There have been no further sightings. 

Regarding the pack of dogs currently at-large, in a press release, the Nevada Humane Society will “apply additional considerations because of the reported history of these dogs, however it is not the intent to harm or euthanize them.”

Please do not approach these dogs, call (775) 887-COPS (2677) to report immediate sightings.