Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak delivers his 2021 State of the State speech. - photo: State of Nevada

Today, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced two major updates on Nevada’s COVID-19 vaccination timeline. On March 22, vaccination opportunities will be available to all Nevadans aged 16 and older with underlying health conditions, as laid out in the State’s COVID-19 Vaccination PlaybookVaccination opportunities for this group of Nevadans will be available through the Retail Pharmacy Program. On April 5, ALL Nevadans aged 16 and older will be eligible to schedule vaccination appointments statewide. 

“This is a critical step forward in our vaccination effort that will allow more Nevadans to schedule appointments and receive their shot. By continuing our strong push to vaccinate high-risk Nevadans, including seniors, individuals with underlying conditions, frontline workers, individuals with disabilities and Nevadans experiencing homelessness, we are working to protect the most vulnerable in our State,” said Gov. Sisolak. “On April 5, all Nevadans aged 16 and above will be eligible for the vaccine and the State will work closely with our local partners to ensure we’re putting as many doses as possible into arms every dayThis timeline should remind Nevadans that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but we must continue to remain vigilant until more residents can get vaccinated.

Prior to April 5, local health authorities and counties will continue to vaccinate eligible Nevadans within the Frontline / Essential Workforce Lane, while also holding events for the general population. Nevadans who are currently eligible are encouraged to make their appointment as soon as they can. 

The Governor’s announcement is in line with – and ahead of – President Joe Biden’s challenge for States to open up availability to all adult Americans by May 1. The expectation of increased vaccine production and allocation to the State of Nevada has made State officials confident in the new timeline announced today.

While Nevadans aged 16 and over will be eligible to schedule appointments beginning on April 5, appointment availability may be limited for the first few weeks based on dose allocation provided by the federal government, and State officials encourage Nevadans to be patient with the process

As vaccine availability opens up, the State will continue to focus efforts on removing barriers to access for the most vulnerable and at highest risk of severe illness due to COVID-19. 

As more sites are added and appointments become available, Nevadans are encouraged to check their county specific plan at or by calling the State hotline at 1-800-401-0946.