Matt Ames is from Carson City, Nevada and awaits Donald Trump's motorcade on Sunday October 18, 2020 - photo: Brian Bahouth/the Ally

On Thursday, Donald J Trump for President Inc. filed legal challenges in federal courts to mail-in voting systems in states where a clear winner in the race for president has yet to be determined, to include Nevada. In Nevada, like in other states, Team Trump demands that the vote counts be halted until their observers can more closely oversee the counting of ballots.

The counting of votes continues in all states without interruption while the challenges are heard in court. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign continues to make public statements and send fundraising emails that decry an illegitimate election process and spur supporters, in a vague appeal, to take action.

No security issues have been reported at ballot counting locations in Washoe County. “Defend our Votes” rallies are ostensibly planned in Reno’s Wingfield Park this evening at 5:30 and on Saturday in Carson City at the State Capitol.

Adam Laxalt is a former Nevada Attorney General and co-chair of the Trump campaign in Nevada. Yesterday, after filing the lawsuit regarding Clark County’s mail-in ballot system in federal court in Las Vegas, Laxalt offered remarks.

“We have received reports of many irregularities across the valley. We believe that there are dead voters that have been counted. We are also confident that there are thousands of people whose votes have been counted that have moved out of Clark County during the pandemic,” Laxalt said.

Sounds Familiar

Since early voting began, Donald Trump Jr. and other Trump family members have authored an ongoing string of emails to Trump supporters that cast suspicion on voting systems. The Trump campaign has yet to publicly produce evidence of wide-spread fraud.

“We’ve found ballots in drainage ditches,” wrote Trump Jr. in a fundraising email. “They’re not letting our poll watchers inside. There are videos of them passing out collateral material in polling sites all over Philadelphia. It is my belief that they will try to MANIPULATE THIS ELECTION, which is why I’m reaching out to you today.

“We need to hold the line, and to do that, we need the resources to FIGHT BACK. My father wants YOU to contribute to our Official Election Defense Fund so that we can protect the integrity of our Election and win FOUR MORE YEARS.”

In an email this morning, Trump Jr. accused the “Radical Left” of manufacturing bogus ballots and sowing chaos.

“President Trump was leading, often solidly, in many key States – in almost all instances Democrat-run and controlled,” wrote Trump Jr. “Then, one by one, his lead started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the ‘pollsters’ got it completely and historically wrong!

“It’s clear that Patriotic Americans want FOUR MORE YEARS of President Trump, but that won’t stop the Radical Left from trying to cause CHAOS and CONFUSION.

“They will try to STEAL THE ELECTION from the American People. Plain and simple.”

A fund-raising missive from Vice President Mike Pence this morning alleges Democrats have gamed the election. The vice president incites supporters to take action and “FIGHT BACK!”

“Democrats have made it clear they’d rather destroy our Nation than have four more years of our President’s incredible leadership,” wrote the vice president.

“The stakes have never been higher, which is why I’m reaching out to you right now with an urgent request,” Pence continued.

“We need your help to ensure we have the proper resources to protect the results. The Left wants to undermine this Election, and we need YOU to FIGHT BACK!”

Following remarks from President Trump on Thursday alleging that mail-in voting systems were rigged and that his court challenges will be heard “in the highest court in the land,” Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak released a series of Tweets chiding Trump.

“President Trump’s comments to the American people tonight on the election were misleading, dangerous, and – most concerningly – false,” Sisolak Tweeted.

“It was clear that the intent of his message was to undermine the public’s confidence in the integrity of our election processes and system, which in turn undermines one of the core pillars of our democracy.

“Nevada is widely recognized as being a leader in election administration, and I continue to have the utmost confidence in the abilities of Nevada’s local election officials and Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske to accurately count every eligible vote cast in the Silver State.

“Officials are required to keep counting under state law & that is exactly what they’ll do until every vote is counted. Despite national pressure, our election officials & public servants continue to prioritize accuracy & fairness. That should make all Nevadans proud.

“I ask all Nevadans to support our election workers, trust this process and respect the results when they are certified as final.”

In addition to the lawsuit filed in federal court yesterday, the Nevada Supreme Court will hear a Trump campaign appeal of a Clark County District judge ruling regarding the release of poll worker names sometime next week.

Brian Bahouth is the editor of the Sierra Nevada ally. Support his work.