Nevada seeks additional information from cities, counties in response to federal ‘red zone,’ ‘yellow zone’ designations

Looking up inside the cupola on top of the Nevada State Capitol - image - Brian Bahouth, Nevada Capitol News.
Looking up inside the cupola on top of the Nevada State Capitol - image - The Sierra Nevada Ally

 Since receiving the Nevada specific COVID-19 Response & Recovery Information from the White House, the State has worked with the Nevada Association of Counties and Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities to disseminate the report to all local governments, including those representing regions listed as “red zones” or “yellow zones” per the report.

A copy of the White House information is embedded below. Localities in red and yellow zones have been asked to provide additional actions they have taken, or plan to take  —  beyond measures already taken Statewide — to implement the policy recommendations from the White House. 

Under the Governor’s emergency directives, local governments are granted authority to promulgate additional COVID-19 related rules and regulations for their locality that are more restrictive than those issued by the Governor’s Office. The Governor’s Office and State officials continue to monitor COVID-19 data and information on a daily basis, and take proactive actions to help slow the spread of COVID-19.