Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak attended the protest on August 18, 2020. The Governor said, “Thank you for all you’re doing. God Bless you. Thank you for speaking up. I appreciate all you’re doing.” The Governor spoke with protesters and briefly held a sign that read, “Black Lives Matter” – photo: Quest Lakes/the Ally

Yesterday, roughly 100 people gathered in Carson City at the State Capitol to protest police brutality against black people. A few armed counter protesters watched the Black Lives Matter rally from a distance. Carson City police officers monitored the event and maintained a low-key and friendly presence. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak briefly attended the event. After the Governor departed, protesters marched from the legislative campus to the nearby Governor’s Mansion where they continued their vigil. Photographers Quest Lakes and Theo McCormick attended the event and captured the following images and video.

BLM protesters gather in Carson City, Nevada on June 19, 2020. The event began around 3 p.m. on the sidewalk across from the Nugget Casino on Highway 395 – photo: Quest Lakes/the Ally
Around 4:30 p.m., demonstrators marched to the State Legislature and displayed signs and continued to encourage passing cars to honk. At around 5 p.m., about 50 more demonstrators joined the event – photo: Theo McCormick/the Ally
Skaters for BLM – photo: Theo McCormick/the Ally
Carson City police were relaxed and chatted with protesters. Police also spoke with a few people who showed up with weapons and watched the event from a distance – photo: Quest Lakes
Capitol police were present but generally stayed farther back from the demonstrators, closer to the Capitol – photo: Theo McCormick/the Ally
A small number of people came with weapons and watched the event from a distance along the march route – photo: Quest Lakes
Carson City police were relaxed and talked with protesters as well as with a few people who showed up with weapons and surveyed the event from a distance. A civilian with a pistol in a holster and a couple of rottweilers followed the march and watched the event from across the street – photo:Quest Lakes
A number of demonstrators came in family groups and maintained calm while some driving by yelled insults. A man in a white truck yelled, “white lives matter, bitch.” – photo: Theo McCormick/the Ally
After the Governor departed, demonstrators crossed the street and marched behind a white truck being driven by a woman waving Brown Beret and American Indian Movement flags. They followed her several blocks and arrived at the Governor’s Mansion and demonstrated on the sidewalk – photo: Quest Lakes
Carson police de-escalated tensions between demonstrators and a few people who voiced their objections to the demonstrators’ speech – photo: Quest Lakes/the Ally

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak greets BLM protesters. All video by Theo McCormick

Police officer waves at passing cars.

Demonstrators chant Black Lives Matter.