The cupola atop the Nevada State Capitol - Image - Sierra Nevada Ally

Carson City, NV – Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed 60 bills into law today, including the budget that funds K-12 education in Nevada. See details below:

Senate Bill 555 is the budget bill that funds K-12 public education in Nevada. This bill is part of the largest public education budget in Nevada state history and includes an estimated weighted average per-pupil support of $6,218. 

Senate Bill 8 strengthens conditions for lifetime supervision of criminals convicted of the most heinous sex crimes. The bill requires that those under lifetime supervision participate in a professional counseling program and not use any aliases or fictitious names, among other conditions. 

Assembly Bill 261 requires school districts to report to the Nevada Department of Education data concerning training provided to school personnel on children’s personal safety, as well as on the number of incidents of abuse or neglect of a child reported to law enforcement.

AB216 is an act requiring the State Treasurer to establish a database of information relating to sources of funding for higher education; requiring the Attorney General to establish a program to connect victims of certain crimes with the database.

AB164 is an act imposing certain requirements relating to advertising by a marijuana establishment and a medical marijuana establishment; revising provisions relating to medical marijuana establishment agents; providing for the registration of agents who work or volunteer at or contract with a marijuana establishment; revising provisions relating to disciplinary action against a medical marijuana establishment agent and a marijuana establishment agent; authorizing civil penalties for certain violations relating to advertising.

AB524 is an act making a supplemental appropriation to the Office of the Director of the Department of Corrections for an unanticipated shortfall in utilities costs, inmate-driven costs, food costs and medical costs.

AB536 is an act making a supplemental appropriation to the Commission on Judicial Discipline for unanticipated operating expenses.

SB209 is an act relating to hemp; replacing the term “industrial hemp” with the term “hemp” and revising the definition thereof; requiring the Department of Health and Human Services to adopt regulations requiring the testing and labeling of certain commodities and products made using hemp and certain similar products which are intended for human consumption; prohibiting a person from selling or offering to sell such commodities or products unless the commodities or products satisfy certain standards relating to testing and labeling; authorizing the retesting of a crop of hemp that has failed certain tests prescribed by the State Department of Agriculture.

SB461 is an act relating to taxation; imposing a surcharge on lodging within the Tahoe Township in Douglas County; authorizing the Tahoe-Douglas Visitor’s Authority to take certain actions respecting the establishment and operation of a multiuse event and convention center; authorizing the Authority to issue certain municipal securities.

SB432 is an act relating to financial services; imposing certain requirements on certain transactions in which a person provides money to a consumer who has a pending legal action in exchange for certain proceeds from that legal action; requiring certain persons who engage in such transactions to obtain a license from the Commissioner of Financial Institutions; imposing certain requirements on such licensees; providing penalties.

AB68 is an act relating to apprenticeships; revising provisions regarding discrimination in apprenticeship programs; revising the membership and operations of the State Apprenticeship Council.

AB223 is an act relating to public welfare; requiring the Department of Health and Human Services to seek a federal waiver to provide certain dental care for persons with diabetes.

AB234 is an act relating to child care; requiring the Program for Child Care and Development to include measures to increase the availability of child care for children with disabilities; requiring, to the extent of available money, the Program to reimburse a portion of the cost of child care provided to a child of a parent enrolled in certain educational programs.

AB364 is an act relating to manufactured homes; authorizing the issuance of a certificate of ownership for a manufactured home, mobile home or commercial coach under certain circumstances; providing for the automatic transfer of certain manufactured homes, mobile homes and commercial coaches to designated beneficiaries upon the death of the owner.

AB449 is an act relating to child welfare; directing the Legislative Committee on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice to conduct an interim study concerning juvenile detention in this State.

AB476 is an act relating to affordable housing; creating the Advisory Committee on Housing; prescribing the membership, powers and duties of the Advisory Committee; authorizing the Advisory Committee to request the drafting of not more than 1 legislative measure for each regular session of the Legislature; creating the Private Activity Bond Council; prescribing the membership, powers and duties of the Council.

AB494 is an act relating to health care; authorizing the use of money in the Fund for Hospital Care to Indigent Persons to offset certain decreases in other state fund.

AB498 is an act relating to children; requiring, to the extent authorized by federal law, certain assistance to be provided to a person who provides certain care for a child to whom he or she is not related.

AB92 is an act relating to education; expanding the duties of the English Mastery Council; extending the termination date of the Council; making an appropriation.

AB222 is an act relating to specialty courts; revising provisions relating to the eligibility of certain defendants for participation in certain programs in specialty courts; authorizing certain courts to enter a judgment of conviction against a defendant before placing the defendant on probation and requiring the defendant to participate in certain programs in specialty courts; authorizing certain courts to set aside a judgment of conviction of a defendant upon completion of certain programs in specialty courts under certain circumstances.

AB416 is an act relating to criminal procedure; revising provisions relating to the collection of delinquent fines, administrative assessments, fees or restitution; authorizing a court to order the performance of community service in lieu of all or a part of any administrative assessment or fee in certain circumstances.

AB526 is an act relating to education; authorizing the Commission on Postsecondary Education to suspend the approval of or disapprove certain courses of training in certain circumstances; establishing a process for the appeal of such a suspension; providing for an additional voting member on the Commission who represents veterans.

SB69 is an act relating to public safety; designating the month of October of each year as “Cybersecurity Awareness Month”; revising requirements relating to emergency response plans for schools, cities, counties and resort hotels; clarifying the authority of the Governor to call members of the Nevada National Guard into state active duty upon a request for assistance from certain governmental entities that have experienced a significant cybersecurity incident; requiring each city or county to adopt and maintain a cybersecurity incident response plan; revising the duties of the Nevada Office of Cyber Defense Coordination of the Department of Public Safety; requiring the Office to submit a quarterly report to the Governor regarding cybersecurity; revising provisions relating to the disclosure of records by the Office.

SB221 is an act relating to trespassing; revising provisions governing warnings against trespassing.

SB346 is an act relating to marijuana; authorizing an independent contractor to enter into a contract with a marijuana establishment or medical marijuana establishment to provide certain training.

SB363 is an act relating to public health; requiring the Legislative Committee on Health Care to study matters relating to stem cell centers during the 2019-2021 legislative interim.

SB427 is an act relating to business entities; revising provisions governing the resignation of registered agents; revising provisions governing the records kept by a corporation and made available for inspection to certain persons; revising provisions concerning certain distributions to stockholders; revising provisions governing meetings of stockholders of corporations; authorizing the removal of a director of a corporation under certain circumstances; revising provisions relating to the appointment of a receiver for a private corporation; establishing the appointment of a receiver for a limited-liability company; revising the definition of “sales representative” for purposes relating to securities; revising provisions relating to limitations on the right of a stockholder to dissent.

SB431 is an act relating to crimes; revising provisions relating to the crime of participation in organized retail theft

SB435 is an act relating to claims for mental or physical injury; authorizing a party to void a release of liability under certain circumstances; enacting provisions relating to the exchange of medical and insurance information by certain persons involved in a claim for mental or physical injury asserted under a policy of insurance covering motor vehicles.

SB537 is an act relating to deceptive trade practices; extending the prospective expiration of the Consumer Affairs Unit of the Department of Business and Industry.

SB542 is an act relating to technology fees; extending the imposition of a technology fee on certain transactions by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

SB549 is an act relating to education; revising the list of assessments used to determine the number of pupils for whom an allocation from the Account for the New Nevada Education Funding Plan will be made; revising the frequency at which the services funded by such allocations must be evaluated.

AB383 is an act relating to student education loans; providing for the designation of a Student Loan Ombudsman within the Office of the State Treasurer and prescribing the powers and duties relating to that position; authorizing the use of certain money to pay the costs of the Student Loan Ombudsman.

AB466 is an act relating to financial transactions; requiring the State Treasurer to create a pilot program for the establishment of one or more closed-loop payment processing systems to facilitate certain financial transactions relating to marijuana; setting forth certain requirements for a closed-loop payment processing system.

SB125 is an act relating to landscape architecture; authorizing the State Board of Landscape Architecture to accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic transfers of money for the payment of certain fees; increasing the maximum amount of fees relating to the licensure of a landscape architect and a landscape architect intern; revising provisions relating to complaints filed with the State Board of Landscape Architecture.

SB140 is an act relating to groundwater; requiring the State Engineer to reserve a certain percentage of the remaining groundwater available for use in certain basins; prohibiting the use of such groundwater.

SB181 is an act relating to special license plates; requiring the Department of Motor Vehicles to design, prepare and issue special license plates for certain motor vehicles that are electric powered; providing a fee for the initial issuance and renewal of such plates.

SB236 is an act relating to water; establishing requirements relating to sinking or boring certain wells for water already appropriated.

SB243 is an act relating to public construction; revising the procedure for determining the prevailing rate of wages.

SB250 is an act relating to water; establishing certain requirements relating to the dedication of certain rights to appropriate water.

SB258 is an act relating to applied behavior analysis; abolishing certification as a state certified behavior interventionist; transferring certain responsibilities concerning licensing and regulation from the Aging and Disability Services Division of the Department of Health and Human Services to the Board of Applied Behavior Analysis; authorizing the Board to delegate certain such responsibilities to the Division; requiring the Division to obtain the approval of the Board to conduct an investigation and perform certain related tasks; revising provisions exempting certain persons from licensure or registration to practice applied behavior analysis; requiring continuing education for behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts to meet nationally recognized standards; revising provisions relating to criminal background checks or applicants for registration as a registered behavior technician.

SB279 is an act relating to general improvement districts; requiring the board of trustees of a general improvement district to follow certain procedures before selling real property owned by the district.

SB302 is an act relating to privacy; requiring a governmental agency to comply, to the extent practicable, with certain standards with respect to the collection, dissemination and maintenance of records containing personal information of a resident of this State; prohibiting the Legislative Auditor from including certain information in the report of an audit; requiring the Legislative Auditor to report certain information concerning the security of the information system of an agency of the State under certain circumstances; authorizing a governmental agency to require a person to submit a record containing personal information by electronic means; requiring certain state agencies to remove data from certain electronic waste.

SB316 is an act relating to public nuisances; making it a public nuisance for a person to engage in certain activities relating to highways, roads, state lands or other public lands or lands dedicated to public use; providing a penalty.

SB347 is an act relating to hemp; revising provisions relating to the growth, handling and production of hemp.

SB362 is an act relating to residential facilities; requiring the administrator of a residential facility for groups to ensure that certain assessments of residents are conducted; requiring a resident with severe dementia to be placed in a facility that meets certain requirements.

SB410 is an act relating to taxation; revising provisions governing the issuance of transferable tax credits for certain projects that will make a capital investment in this State of at least $1 billion and satisfy certain other criteria.

SB417 is an act relating to livestock; requiring the State Department of Agriculture to issue a limited license to conduct an annual sale of livestock under certain circumstances; imposing a fee for the issuance of the limited license; providing a penalty.

SB477 is an act relating to child welfare; revising provisions governing the release of a child in a child welfare proceeding to a parent or guardian.

AB378 is an act relating to mental health; requiring the model plan for the management of a crisis, emergency or suicide involving a school to include a plan for responding to a pupil with a mental illness; clarifying that consent from any parent or legal guardian of a person is not necessary for the emergency admission of that person; requiring a person who applies for the emergency admission of a child to attempt to obtain the consent of a parent or guardian of the child and maintain documentation of such an attempt; requiring the notification of a parent or guardian of a child of the emergency admission of the child.

AB62 is an act relating to water; requiring the State Engineer to adopt regulations relating to the time for the completion of work and the application of water to beneficial use; requiring the State Engineer to conduct a survey relating to extensions of time to perfect a water right.

AB132 is an act relating to employment; prohibiting the denial of employment because of the presence of marijuana in a screening test taken by a prospective employee with certain exceptions; authorizing an employee to rebut the results of a screening test under certain circumstances.

AB161 is an act relating to common-interest communities; prohibiting common-interest communities from restricting the ownership of pets by a unit’s owner under certain circumstances.

AB166 is an act relating to crimes; establishing the crime of advancing prostitution; revising the penalties for the crime of living from the earnings of a prostitute; providing penalties.

AB232 is an act relating to hospitals; requiring certain hospitals to participate as a provider in the Medicare program; eliminating the designation of general hospitals.

AB244 is an act relating to taxation; authorizing the board of trustees of a school district under specified circumstances to adopt a resolution establishing the formation of an advisory committee to recommend the imposition of a property tax to fund the capital projects of the school district; authorizing the board of trustees of a school district to transmit the recommendations of such a committee to the board of county commissioners; authorizing the board of county commissioners to submit a question to the voters at the next general election asking whether the recommended tax should be imposed in the county; requiring the board of county commissioners to adopt an ordinance imposing any such tax that is approved by the voters; providing for the use of the proceeds of such tax for certain school purposes; providing for the prospective expiration of the authority of a board of trustees to establish such a committee.

AB403 is an act relating to motor vehicles; revising provisions relating to the applicability of certain traffic laws concerning reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter; providing penalties.

AB404 is an act relating to hunting; authorizing the Board of Wildlife Commissioners to establish a program authorizing a person to transfer, defer or return certain lawfully obtained tags if certain extenuating circumstances exist.

AB303 is an act relating to public health; prohibiting the sale of certain kratom products to a minor; prohibiting the preparation, distribution, advertising or sale of certain adulterated kratom products; prohibiting the sale of a kratom product that does not have a label that contains certain information; providing civil penalties.