Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak giving his inauguration speech on January 7, 2019 - image - Brian Bahouth.

Carson City – With the 2019 session of the Nevada State Legislature set to end on Monday June 3, Nevada lawmakers have been sending bills to the governor’s office, and yesterday Governor Sisolak signed 36 measures into law.

SB204 – enhances suicide prevention strategies for middle and high schools in Nevada. This bill requires such schools to adopt policies on suicide prevention, intervention for at-risk students, community outreach, and training on suicide prevention for students, educators, school resource officers, and other school district personnel. 

SB311 – revises the State of Nevada’s policy regarding individual applications for credit to specify that creditors may not discriminate against an applicant based on his or her race, color, creed, religion, disability, national origin or ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or marital status when evaluating the applicant’s creditworthiness. 

SB450 – strengthens penalties for falsifying or misrepresenting a petition to recall an elected official in the State of Nevada. The bill enhances criminal penalties and civil liabilities for knowingly or negligently obtaining a false signature on a recall petition and misrepresenting the intent or content of a recall petition.

SB185 – revises requirements concerning the submission of fingerprints required to become a volunteer at a school; exempting a volunteer from undergoing a background check in certain circumstances; deeming certain students enrolled at an institution of higher education not to be volunteers in certain circumstances

SB407 – revises provisions governing public land survey corners; revising provisions governing professional engineers and professional land surveyors.

SB442 providing that permits for hazardous waste facilities may be issued for any period of not more than 10 years.

SB460 – authorizesthe boards of county commissioners of certain counties to abolish the office of public administrator; requiring the board of county commissioners to employ or contract for the services of a person to carry out the duties of a public administrator in a county where the office has been abolished.

SB462 – defining “enterprise fund”; revising certain requirements for constables in certain townships to become certified as a category I or category II peace officer; revising certain provisions to fill a vacancy in the office of constable; providing the compensation of certain deputy constables is subject to the approval of the board of county commissioners; prohibiting certain staff of a constable from carrying or possessing a firearm; requiring a court to collect and forward certain fees related to improper vehicle registration to a constable; revising certain provisions relating to fees a constable is entitled to receive; designating the office of constable as nonpartisan.

SB10 – Revises provisions governing compensation of members of a board of trustees of a general improvement district.

SB12 – authorizes a county to use revenue collected from certain telephone surcharges to pay for an analysis or audit of the surcharges collected by a telecommunications provider, certain costs related to a master plan and certain costs for personnel and training associated with portable event recording devices and vehicular event recording devices; providing the conditions under which the audits may be performed; prioritizing the expenditure of the proceeds of certain telephone surcharges; requiring a recipient of money collected from the surcharge to repay or return that money under certain circumstances.

SB14 – authorizing the Governor to remove certain gubernatorial appointees to boards, commissions or similar bodies under certain circumstances; authorizing the Governor to remove appeals officers under certain circumstances.

SB71 – revising provisions regarding the expiration of registration for vehicles registered through the Motor Carrier Division of the Department of Motor Vehicles; authorizing certain motor carriers to provide evidence of registration and other licenses in an electronic format; providing that certain persons are jointly and severally liable with certain other persons for payment to the Department of certain taxes and fees relating to fuel; revising the definitions of “supplier” and “special fuel supplier” to include a person who exports certain types of fuel; authorizing the Department to enter into agreements with certain persons for the issuance and renewal of a special fuel users license; authorizing a special fuel user to provide evidence of a special fuel user’s license in an electronic format.

SB175 – defining “discrete project”; revising provisions relating to the authority of a public body to enter into a contract with a design-build team for the construction of certain public works.

SB186 – expanding the scope of practice of physical therapy and athletic training to include the performance of dry needling under certain circumstances; requiring the Nevada Physical Therapy Board and the Board of Athletic Trainers to adopt regulations relating to dry needling.

SB197 prohibiting the importation and sale of cosmetics for which testing was performed on an animal; providing penalties.

SB53 – revising provisions governing the membership of the Mining Oversight and Accountability Commission; temporarily revising provisions governing the review of certain mining regulations by the Commission.

SB355 – revising provisions governing the duties and powers of the State Board of Oriental Medicine; revising provisions governing the scope of practice and licensing of doctors of Oriental medicine.

SB365 – relating to health insurance; making various changes concerning health carriers granting third-party access to certain provider networks; providing administrative penalties.

SB371 – revising requirements relating to the maintenance of a manufactured home park or repair of a manufactured home in certain circumstances.

SB390 – relating to livestock; requiring the State Quarantine Officer to adopt regulations providing a process for the operator of a farm or other facility that raises poultry to obtain a permit to slaughter and sell the poultry under certain circumstances; requiring the State Quarantine Officer to adopt regulations providing a process for a person to obtain a license to operate a custom processing establishment or mobile processing unit in this State.

SB397 – authorizing a contractor, under certain circumstances, to perform work for which the contractor does not have a license in the applicable classification or subclassification.

SB430 – expanding the definition of “chronic or debilitating medical condition” for certain purposes relating to the medical use of marijuana.

SB441 – relating to education; revising provisions relating to programs of distance education; establishing provisions relating to charter schools for distance education.

SB452 – relating to elections; revising provisions related to certain persons who distribute forms to request absent ballots.

SB453 – relating to the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program; increasing the grade point average required during the first year of enrollment to retain eligibility for a scholarship.

SB457 – relating to health care; requiring the reporting of a death at certain facilities and homes as a sentinel event; requiring the posting on the Internet of certain information concerning facilities and programs for the treatment of the abuse of alcohol or drugs; prohibiting certain false or misleading practices by or on behalf of providers of and facilities for treatment of the abuse of alcohol or drugs and alcohol and drug abuse programs; providing a penalty.

SB470 – relating to health care; requiring the State Board of Health to require a medical facility, facility for the dependent or facility which is otherwise required to be licensed by regulations adopted by the Board to conduct training relating specifically to cultural competency for certain agents and employees of such a facility.

SB521 making a supplemental appropriation to the Nevada Highway Patrol for an unanticipated shortfall in dignitary protection services for visiting dignitaries.

SB522 making a supplemental appropriation to the Nevada Highway Patrol for an unanticipated shortfall in gasoline costs.

SB86 relating to insurance; revising provisions governing the payment of the expenses for an examination of an insurer; eliminating certain requirements relating to reporting of closed claims for medical liability insurance; eliminating the requirement that certain expired, suspended or terminated certificates be surrendered; requiring certain insurers to file quarterly statements; eliminating certain countersignature requirements; revising certain requirements for an application for a certificate of registration as an administrator; revising provisions governing annual reports filed by an administrator; revising provisions requiring an adjuster to maintain in this State a place of business; authorizing the Commissioner of Insurance to designate certain insurers as domestic surplus lines insurers; revising provisions governing the appointment of the directors of a nonprofit organization of surplus lines brokers; revising provisions governing fees which may be charged by certain brokers; authorizing the Commissioner to assess against an insurer the actual cost for the external actuarial review of a rate filing of a health plan; revising requirements relating to certificates of registration as a provider of service contracts; authorizing the Commissioner to issue a certificate of dormancy to certain captive insurers; revising provisions governing state-chartered risk retention groups for consistency with the accreditation standards of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners; revising provisions governing the suspension or revocation of a license of a captive insurer; revising certain requirements relating to certain financial transactions by a captive insurer; establishing or revising minimum capital requirements for certain insurers; making certain provisions governing rates and service organizations and portability and accountability of certain health benefit plans applicable to health maintenance organizations; revising provisions governing insurers in receivership; providing a penalty.

SB121 relating to fiduciaries; adopting a power of attorney for health care decisions for persons with any form of dementia; revising provisions relating to the authority of a principal under a power of attorney; revising provisions governing the authority of public guardians to conduct certain investigations.

SB342 relating to animals; revising provisions relating to an animal impounded by a county, city or other local government under certain circumstances; providing for a hearing to determine whether a person is the owner of an animal and whether the person is fit and able to provide adequate care and shelter for that animal; requiring and authorizing a court to issue certain orders after such a hearing.

SB424 relating to mental health; requiring the establishment of a system to categorize recipients of community-based living arrangement services by the scope of services needed; requiring the establishment of procedures for the appeal of decisions relating to eligibility for or authorization of community-based living arrangement services.

SB502 relating to social workers; revising certain licensing fees.

SB523 making a supplemental appropriation to the Department of Education for an unanticipated shortfall in personnel services expenditures for literacy programs.

SB524 making a supplemental appropriation to the Non-State Retiree Rate Mitigation Account, created by section 72 of chapter 396, Statutes of Nevada 2017, at page 2650, for a projected shortfall related to payment of supplemental subsidies for coverage of non-state, non-Medicare retirees under the Public Employees’ Benefits Program.