US Senator from Nevada, Democrat Jacky Rosen addressed a joint meeting of the Nevada Assembly and Senate - image - Roger Moellendorf

Carson City – US Senator from Nevada, Democrat Jacky Rosen spoke to a joint meeting of the Nevada Assembly and Senate this evening. With Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak in the front row along with several other Constitutional Officers, Senator Rosen spoke from the secretary’s lectern in the Assembly chamber for 15 minutes and 32 seconds and touched on a variety of topics.

Hear audio of Senator Rosen’s remarks.


Below are select quotes from Senator Rosen’s address.

“Many people are calling this the year of the woman. Well, because when women put their minds together, there is no new ground we cannot break and no glass ceiling we cannot shatter, and since November, we have been shattering those glass ceilings.”

“In one of the first actions taken by our attorney general, Nevada joined the fight along with 16 other states to defend coverage protections for pre-existing conditions. Thank you Attorney General Ford. Thank you.”

“I was proud to see our state legislature respect the will of Nevada voters who overwhelmingly support common sense gun safety measures. (Applause)  Gun safety measures like expanding background checks and closing loopholes to prevent dangerous individuals from getting their hands on a weapon, and now that the Nevada Legislature and the US House of Representatives have taken action, it’s time for the US Senate to follow suite, don’t you think.”

“We’ve seen millions of dollars of revenue and thousands of jobs created since we legalized recreational marijuana. In congress, I’ll support to protect our state’s right to regulate marijuana, and I’ll work to give marijuana businesses access to our banking system, so that they can safely operate and contribute to Nevada’s economy.”

“Nevada has made it clear. We will not, let me repeat that, we will not become the nation’s dumping ground for nuclear waste.”

“And just this January we learned the Department of Energy had gone behind Nevada’s back to ship weapons grade plutonium in our state, in secret. They misled a federal court, members of Nevada’s delegation, and even our past and present governor, so let me be clear. This violation of our state’s rights and trust will not stand. Our state and federal delegations will hold this administration accountable for its reckless actions that put our environment, our economy and our health at risk.”