Image - Brian Bahouth, The Sierra Nevada Ally

Carson City – Earlier today Sparks Democrat, Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle resigned his seat amid allegations of sexual misconduct.  Assembly Minority Leader Jim Wheeler, Assemblywoman Jill Tolles, and Senator Heidi Gansert released the following statements in response to Assemblyman Sprinkle’s resignation.

“There is no place in this institution for sexual harassment. We are pleased that he resigned and saved the body any unnecessary distraction in such a critical time.”
-Minority Assembly Leader Jim Wheeler
“I am proud of the legislature for taking steps to address sexual harassment and misconduct along with providing means for victims to report. I am saddened once again that any member of this body has engaged in this kind of damaging behavior toward others. Not only does this harm the individuals involved, it also harms public trust in this institution. I appreciate that Assemblyman Sprinkle offered an apology with his resignation and I support efforts to get back to work on the job we are here to do but I hope in this process we remember who has been impacted and that they feel heard.”
-Assemblywoman Jill Tolles
“It’s very unfortunate that we must again address serious misconduct by a member of this legislative body. Assemblyman Sprinkle’s admitted behavior is disappointing. No individual should be fearful in their workplace, especially in the halls of this legislature. I’m grateful we now have a process in place where victims can be heard, and allegations promptly addressed.”
– Republican Senate Whip, Heidi Gansert