Indivisible groups, shown here at a November rally in Reno to support special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, will gather at 230 events nationwide today to plead for progressive priorities in Congress. (Indivisible Northern Nevada)

RENO – Whose House? Our House!

That’s the slogan being shouted at more than 200 rallies across the nation Thursday – organized by the nonprofit group Indivisible.

The group’s Northern Nevada chapter is taking part by holding a rally at noon in Reno at the corner of Liberty and Virginia streets in front of the Thompson Federal Building.

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Laynette Evans, a co-founder of the Northern Nevada chapter of Indivisible, says she wants Nevada’s two U.S. senators and four House members to know that their constituents are paying attention.

“We are gathering to let our members of Congress know that we are still here, that we are watching them and asking them to pass legislation that supports our progressive values,” she states.

Democrats who now control Congress are expected to unveil House Resolution 1 – a package of bills to reduce money in politics, force more transparency in donations to candidates and social media ads, and introduce a nationwide automatic voter registration system that asks people to opt out rather than opt in.

The Las Vegas chapter of Indivisible is calling on all Nevadans to tweet up a storm at noon with hashtags #OurHouse and #EyesOnYou.

Conservative groups are urging the president to stand firm and use the government shutdown to force funding for a border wall.

Evans supports efforts to reopen the government without funding President Donald Trump’s border wall, which she maintains would push migrants into more dangerous terrain, block animal migration and lead to a massive legal fight over eminent domain.

“A physical wall is very problematic and it’s not an effective use of federal funds for border security,” she stresses. “We need technology.”

The rallies also are calling for action on the “green new deal,” a series of proposals to reinstate many of the environmental protections that have been rolled back under the Trump administration.