Interior, US Supreme Court - image - Carol M. Highsmith, Library of Congress.

Carson City – The bitter confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh remains a raw symbol of the deep and wide political divide that separates the nation.  For a limited but telling sense of reaction to the confirmation process, NCN’s Kristin Simons spent some time in front of the Carson City Post Office and asked a few residents for their opinions.

The following audio report is not intended to be a categorical statement about regional opinion on the Kavanaugh confirmation but merely a sampling of people outside the Carson City Post Office …

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Fred — “It was a flawed process.”

Doyle Smith -“And as far as thee process for approving Kavannaugh as a justice on the supreme court, I that they’re going through the procedures they need to go through in order to confirm him, so that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter.”

Dov – “I don’t think he’s necessarily what I would like representing the SCOTUS. I think he’s going to be hard pressed to not have to recuse himself on some uh issues.  Particularly the presidential issues going forward. I personally think he’s a probably a drunken frat boy and that doesn’t really represent the United States very well, but given the current occupant of the White House, I guess it’s kind of in lock step with where we are as a country. So be it we’ll see where we are in twenty years.”

Ladrew Jackson: “I know that he was accused of like raping a couple women and I think that it’s like bullshit that he’s able to still be … senator, right? Is that what it is or … yea, and I think that’s just… I think if he was a different race that it would be a whole different story and I think that he wouldn’t even be able to run anymore.”

Dana – “Disappointed in how he presented himself, so if I had been onboard with him in the first place I would have very serious second thoughts and I just believe there should be somebody better, more honorable”