Nevada State Capitol - image - Brian Bahouth/The Sierra Nevada Ally

Carson City – Jared Lord is the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Nevada and recently recorded the following interview over the phone from his office in Las Vegas …


Jared Lord says he’s running for governor because he believes he can help bridge the partisan divide.

“I’m seeing a lot of just opportunity for positive change to happen,” Lord said.  “There’s so much just animosity and partisanship and just anger that-it just frustrates me to see and I really want to be part of fixing that.”

Lords says the reason why he differs from his competitors is because he is looking out for every individual, no matter their political affiliation.

“I think I am the only one running who is looking to make sure everybody has a level playing field. Everybody has the same freedoms, responsibilities, etc. that everyone else has,” Lord said. “Regardless of who they are, where they come from, what they believe, etc.  I’m the only one that’s saying that doesn’t matter and none of those things matter. If you’re a person you get the same right as every other person and that includes your financial rights and your personal rights. I’m the only one saying everyone has those rights.”

Lord said Nevada schools are adequately funded and poorly managed. 

“I think they are adequately funded, but the problem I’m seeing is that thee money is not reaching the classrooms. So, we have this level of bureaucracy in administration at the school system which is eating up a large share of that money,” said Lord.  “So of course the kids aren’t getting properly educated the money because we have corrupt bureaucrats who are taking it all in and not really doing much to justify that paycheck.  So from my standpoint I would actually try to eliminate pretty much – maybe about 75 percent of that administrator level of the school system cause most of that is just redundant.”

Nevada’s Ballot Question 3 would deregulate the state’s electrical energy market should it pass in November, and Lord supports it without hesitation.

“Yes, absolutely … that would bring the prices down, that would give us a lot more options.”

The Libertarian Party is noted for its support for the legalization of cannabis.  The party’s 2016 presidential candidate Gary Johnson owns part of a Nevada-based marijuana products company, and Lord said legalization in Nevada and elsewhere is a smart policy, though marijuana and its derivative products are over-taxed in Nevada.

“I think the only problem I’m seeing with it right now is that it’s being taxed too much, to be blunt about it,” Lord said. 

As Governor, Lord would pardon those convicted of non-violent marijuana crimes.

“One thing I would do though is I would go back and pardon everyone who has ever had a nonviolent marijuana offense on their record.  ’cause there’s no reason – now that it’s legal there’s really no reason for them to be dealing with the ramifications of having a criminal record when it’s not a criminal offense anymore.”

With the Democrats and Republicans potentially dead-locked on many issues, Lord says, as Governor, he would work to caucus with both parties.

“It’s basically there’s stuff I have in common with both of them, so I should be able to reach out to both of them and be able to come to  common ground. Actually, you have to build bridges instead of building walls,” said Lord.

Third party candidates at every level of government have complained that the electoral system is rigged to favor Democrats and Republicans.  Lord agrees.

“The system very much rigged,” Lord said.  “There’s no two ways about it. I mean there shouldn’t be a two party system, it should be an all party system.”


Jared Lord – image provided by the candidate